In 1977 there was a different dimension to entertainment in the wild. Cell phones, ipods, DVD players and satellite  dishes didn’t exist. We didn’t have shortwave and our two-way radio never worked. Our only contact with the outside world was the bush pilot we saw once every week to ten days and the radio. AM radio was usually available from Ketchikan in the evening. Sometimes we could get another station from someplace in Canada. We often played cribbage or darts to pass the time.

After a few weeks our supervisor came to visit and direct our work. He was a forty-ish dark haired and athletic man. One evening he challenged me to a game of darts. I said, “Fine, since I’ve been here a while I’ll throw left-handed just to make it fair.” He said, “You go first” and I did.

My first shot struck the dartboard exactly in the very center of the bullseye. Exactly in the center. I laughed. Our boss took his shot. My second left-handed shot struck exactly in the back end of the dart I threw on my first shot. Exactly. The funny thing is, I never threw a dart left-handed before in my life.


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